Epoch Consulting is a contingent and retained search firm. We understand that attracting top talent is a priority of any successful business. We also understand that the day to day operations of an organization often leaves little time to go out and attract that talent. That's our job.


Usually high-impact professionals of uncommon ability aren't actively looking. They're not trolling job boards in the evening and are generally satisfied with their current employment. Those top notch professionals aren't attracted through conventional channels and need to be recruited.

At Epoch Consulting we view our clients as business partners. We understand that you want to be aware of top notch talent. We actively tap top talent on the shoulder and make them aware of your company and why they should consider your opportunity. We do this by getting to know your company, your industry, your culture so we can evangelize your story and bring top candidates to the table that are a fit. We do what we say we will do.

About Us

We're loyal. People do business with people they like. Although our clients are "companies" we understand that our longevity and success is based on developing relationships with individuals. When we identify a hiring authority, a human resource manager or candidate that likes us and our style, we see them as a person and do everything we can to help them.

Swamped Hiring Authority

Slammed Resource Manager

High Impact Candidate


Chances are if you're reading this, you need help. Top candidates aren't responding to your job postings, they're not at job fairs, you've already worked your network and your employees have given every internal referral they can possibly think of. You've decided to go the dreaded path of engaging a recruiter to help you uncover the "A Players." Maybe you've worked with a recruiter in the past and have had mixed experiences.

Here is what you can expect from Epoch Consulting:

• We get a thorough understanding of the candidate you're looking for upfront.

• We will communicate the way you want to communicate.

• We don't send you resumes of candidates from job-boards, you can find those on your own.

• We will only introduce candidates that fit your requirements and are interested in your opportunity.

• We will do what we say we will do. If we feel we can help you, we will commit to working on your position. If we can't help, we'll tell you upfront.

• We have the expertise to see your search through the entire search lifecycle of first contact, interview process, offer letter, acceptance, a candidate's resignation and their start date.

Many recruiters define their process on their websites. They all look the same because search is the same. We understand you just want to get the position filled and utilize a recruiter that can be helpful, not waste your time and that you can rely on. Our goal is to be your most trusted staffing partner.

Services for Employers        Services for Candidates

Services for Employers

Epoch Consulting has gained a reputation for recruiting the right way. We are a little "old school" and understand the best people run in packs. We're not actively posting job on job boards. Chances are our clients have already done that. We prefer to identify the best talent through research and through our contacts, approach those people directly and do all we can to convince them they should talk to our client.

Search options:

Retained Search

This option is recommended to fill critical executive and management positions. It's also ideal when the position must be filled quickly. We're nimble and can structure our retained search services around your requirements. Retained search means our desks are cleared and the project is given 100% of our attention until the position is filled.

Priority Search

This is a cost-effective search option that is ideal when staffing multiple positions or there are aggressive hiring plans.

Contingency Search

This approach is generally for clients that aren't looking for devoted effort but are interested in tapping into our network of candidates and increasing overall candidate flow.


To attract the best talent, we must be able to assure confidentiality. The same is true for the clients we represent. When you retain or contract with us to fill an open position, we take every step to safeguard your company's confidentiality.

Levels of Service

To provide you with the highest level of service, we only work with a few selected companies at a time. This allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, product, environment and expectations. We're not looking to impress people with dozens of logos on our website. Each time a logo is added to a recruiting website, that recruiter can no longer go into that company to recruit. Our goal is to partner with a few select companies and leave as many other companies open to our recruiting universe as possible.

We believe our company is an extension of yours. A candidate's first impression of your company is often based on the initial phone call we place. Our intent is to match talented candidates with the right employers. We will only present candidates to our clients after we have discussed the opportunity, ensured there is interest and that they would be a fit.

Please contact us if you're interested in partnering with a search firm that is as interested bringing the right people on board your organization as you are.

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Services for candidates

Epoch Consulting is only as good as our reputation. We know that if you're good at what you do, we're not the only recruiting firm contacting you. In fact we also understand that we're not going to represent every perfect opportunity out there.

Our goal however is that we become your most trusted recruiting company. We hope to be the people you call when you're looking for general career advice and want to remain confidential. We hope we're the people you call if you happen to have another offer and need independent help in making your choice. We hope we're the people you call when you realize it's time for a change and you need some help to confidentially represent you in the job market. Ultimately we hope to know our candidates for many years to come as we help them build their careers and they help us build ours.

Working with us, you can be assured that:

•Up front we will take the time to understand your ideal job. That way when we show up on your called ID, you know the opportunity will be a fit for your career path and goals.

• We are confidential and will not forward your resume unless we've discussed an opportunity and received your permission.

• We will contact you when we come across great opportunities that fit your criteria.

• We will provide resume tips.

• We will do our best to prepare you for your interview.

• We will help you through the uncomfortable resignation process.

Please email your resume if you're interested in partnering with a search firm that will act as your "eyes and ears" on fantastic career opportunities and help you build your career. A great career doesn't happen by mistake.

Email and attach your resume to: Careers@epochconsulting.com

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